Clinical Research

At a university hospital, research is a main focus of activity and is very important. The university hospital conducts its own clinical studies and also participates in a number of large international research projects. If you are suitable for participation in a study, you will be informed and approached by the responsible physicians. It is important to know that all activities within the framework of clinical studies must be carried out according to strict standards, and the projects must be approved by the Cantonal Ethics Committee KEK and, if necessary, other institutions such as Swissmedic before the study begins, and are monitored during the duration of the studies and beyond. Involved physicians must follow the guidelines of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and have the corresponding certificates.

As part of the stricter data protection legislation, Inselspital also obtains general consent from all patients for the use of patient data for future research projects that have not yet been precisely defined. It is therefore possible that you will be asked for consent more than once. If this happens, it is not because of duplication, but out of legal obligation. We apologize here for any inconvenience caused.