Cornea Bank Inselspital

The cornea of the eye 

The cornea bank is responsible for cornea harvesting, preparation, storage and its preparation for transplantation. Furthermore, amniotic membranes are prepared and stored, which can be transplanted in case of non-healing corneal defects (ulcers). 

Further information about corneal transplantation on the website of the Organ Donation Network Switzerland-Center

Cornea donation

In principle, most people are eligible as corneal donors. For patients who die at the Inselspital and have given explicit consent for corneal donation, the corneal tissue may be harvested within 24 hours after death. If someone is considering donating their cornea after death, this can be recorded via a conscious decision during their lifetime by filling out an organ donation card. This is a voluntary expression of will.

The corneal tissue is used for corneal transplantation after removal, analyses and storage. This can be used to regain vision in patients with corneal disease.