External disease

The structures from this area are important for a clear view. The anterior segment includes the conjunctiva, cornea, lens and iris. Common diseases of these structures are conjunctivitis and corneal inflammation, keratoconus, tumours or cataracts. Diseases from this area can be associated with considerable loss of quality of life. The University Clinic for Ophthalmology at the Inselspital is also geared to the treatment of the most complex cases, and the attending specialists have the highest level of expertise, which has been acquired over many years of training. 

Permanent damage to the cornea (e.g. clouding, chronic swelling, scars and degeneration) are reasons for corneal transplantation. The tissue required for this is preserved in a corneal bank and is regularly monitored and checked for quality. 

Severe changes in the refractive power of the eye, e.g. in cases of high myopia, can be treated in our department using modern methods of refractive surgery.