Surgery for uveitis

Uveitis is primarily treated with medication (eye drops and/or oral, subcutaneous or intravenous medication). In individual cases, however, it may be advisable to inject a cortisone depot as an injection under the conjunctiva or into the eye.  Diagnostic anterior chamber puncture is also considered a surgical intervention. If an infectious cause is suspected, some fluid from the anterior chamber of the eye is punctured and sent to the microbiology laboratory. Otherwise, surgery for uveitis is generally only performed to correct secondary complications caused by inflammation. In this case it is necessary to weigh up the pros and cons and choose the right time, as surgery could additionally stimulate the inflammation. We offer you the entire surgical spectrum in this regard, which includes the removal of the clouded lens (cataract surgery), the removal of adhesions of the iris to the lens (synechia resolution), ophthalmic pressure-lowering surgery (glaucoma surgery) and in individual cases vitrectomy. In addition to surgery, we also plan perioperative management with you (optimization of anti-inflammatory therapy before and after surgery).