Anterior eye segment

The anterior segment of the eye collectively describes the cornea, iris, lens, anterior and posterior chamber, and parts of the ciliary body and sclera. During the development of the eye, the anterior segment of the eye is built up by complex cell differentiation and cell migration. A variety of genetic causes for diseases of the anterior segment of the eye are known, for example:

  • Cataract (cataract)
  • corneal dystrophies (corneadystrophies)
  • glaucoma (glaucoma)
  • Coloboma (cleft formation)

Dystrophies and malformations of the anterior segment of the eye can be well treated surgically in some cases.

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The Department of Ophthalmology carries out genetic analyses of eye diseases in close cooperation with the Department of Human Genetics in the SN EN ISO 15189 accredited Clinical Genomics Lab of the Inselspital. General information and consent forms for genetic analyses are available on the following website: Link